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Benjamin Rousse design studio

Interior architecture and global design studio

I cultivate the full and the empty in  playing volumes,  winner of various design events (Lyon city Design, D'Days, Design Tour) I free my head to fill the space and vice versa. My creations oscillate between poetry and function, they convey modular and playful food for thought.


Interior architect and product designer in his early thirties, I now sneak out of the woven meshes at the Ecole de Condé and the Ecole Supérieure d'Art et Design de Saint-Étienne (ESADSE)... As a son of Art and usefulness, I sow my colorful projects on all kinds of horizons. And the harvest is promising.


I have been supporting companies and individuals for more than 10 years, the development of their brands (interior architecture & scenography), collections (product design and merchandising), productions & editions (materials, process, 3d printing).


3 areas of activity :

080515-perspective bat BC asylum copy.jpg

Interior architecture

Saddle seat by Lyon designers Benjamin Rousse & Salvator Urso (3).jpg

Product design

MOIRE vase by Lyon designer Benjamin Rousse (26).jpg

Tableware / floral art

The advantage of having 2 caps (interior architect and product designer) is to offer you a global service,  of thedesign of tailor-made furniture to interior architecture(apartments, shops, offices…) Nothing is left to chance.

I offer elegant tailor-made solutions adapted to your budget and your lifestyle.

My goal, to transform together your constraints into poetry.

In parallel, under the brand "Drawing the outline of simplicity by Benjamin Rousse",

I develop "adornments" and objects of exceptions  at the service of tableware and floral art.

When poetry becomes the guardian of your desires.

Honors / awards

- Audience award for the Galet bench.

- Favorite prize by Orange for the scenography during the Design Tour Lyon.

- Originality prize, acquisition of the Galet bench by VEOLIA Lyon.

- Spotted by René Jacques Mayer and Scott Longfellow during the D’DAYS.

- Referenced on Eyes on Talents.


Roland-Garros-logo-Benjamin Rousse desig
MADEMOISELLE-EMMA-Benjamin Rousse design
Potel-et-chabot-Benjamin Rousse design s
BNP-paribas-Benjamin Rousse design studio
logo_barnes_international Benjamin Rousse design lyon.jpg


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