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2020           // MOTTE centerpiece

                     // Illustration for the 1st cover of the book Adele by Stephanie Rohant

                       Editions du Pantheon



2019          // TUTEUR vases and centerpieces collection.

                    // Vase SET, much more than a vase... A floral adornment.

                    // Highlight my work inIntramuros International Design Magazine

                    // Pocket/vase modules ENCLOSURE

                    // TOWER centerpieces forROLAND GARROS.

                    //COIN range  (accessory for plate and cutlery holder).

                    // Jury member for  masters in Art Direction / digital design at the Sup de Com Lyon school



2018            // Range of GRID luminaires

                    //SPEED DATING VIA DESIGN MAD (Museum of Decorative Arts) Paris

                    // REVERSE collection

                    // Among the 5 designers to follow in 2018 - The creators' workshop      

                    //GRID vase collection (Tower, Right, Cut).

                    // Furniture "u"

                    // CONECTICO : Pedagogical tools for design

2017          //Exhibition "So cliché!" with the Noème collective as part of the science festival.

                    // Interview inCulture layout

                    // Grilling Vase



2016            // Variations of the pebble bench in an island of 3 benches (bench, coffee table...)

                     // ExposureCabinet of Curiosities by desDesigners-Clermont-Ferrand

                     //Oil tea towel holder (Upcycling).)

                     //Collaboration with Jean-Paul Gaultier

​                     // Instan-T urn/container



2015            // Green curves bar stools - M&0 September 2015

                     //Saddle seat


                     //D'DAYS-  ECHO Exhibition! / Village of creators   Joyce Gallery Royal Palace Paris

                     //Bench Green curvesedited byBrown Red

                     // Design of the table 1/4 with students from the Paul Bocuse institute

                     // Project [re]framing,  Lyon City Design Urban Forumat La Part-dieu in March 2015.

                     // Sailor of hope, Gaultier junior/ parade "Les enfants terribles" / A.R.C.A.D, January 2015

                     //Perception Mirror edited byMirror Trend

                     // Presentation ofmy work within the Gréta/ Ecole Boulle, conference and debate on the place of

                        &n bsp;   designer today.



2014            // Dutch Design Week  TAC atEindhoven  from October 18 to 26, 2014

                     // Live the design  -Designers- Eurexpo Lyon, from 9 to 12 Oct 2014

                     //Paris Fashion Week at Bensimon 78 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 75001 Paris (September 2014)

                     //Spotted by René-Jacques Mayer and Scott LOngfellow

                     // Eyes  on  talent

                     // Talent to follow 2014 / 2015.

                     //The Galet benchnow sits atVEOLIA ENVIRONMENT

                     // Iwinner call for projectsLYON CITY DESIGN 2015 , resonance at the International Biennial

                     Design Saint-Etienne

                     // Gigi, side tablesAtelier Mariette Guigal, 9 rue saint-polycarpe 69001 Lyon

                     // ExposureN1with the NOEME collective, Superfluide gallery 7 rue des capucins Lyon


                     //BENSIMON shoe  "Like Lyon", Around the World Bensimon,  (from May 22 to June 22)

                     //D'DAYS(Designers Days) May 19 to 25 -  Paris eee


                     //Lyon City Design Arena  Design Workshop for children  "Urban fountain" with the collective NOEME and VEOLIA.

                     // Member ofVillage of creators Lyon/



2013            // FAVORITE AWARD of the jury (driven by Orange) for my scenography and my work                                                   // DESIGN TOUR Lyon  from 6 to 10 November 2013

​                     // Living room Home-Living design   Desdesigners

                     // PARIS DESIGN WEEK Now! the off - 9 to 15 September 2013

                     // Audience award for the GALET bench

​                     // Selected to exhibit 2 projects (pebble bench and birdy signage)   LYON CITY DESIGN

                     at the Grand Hôtel-Dieu Lyon (Event labeled Saint-Etienne International Design Biennale.)



2012            // Prototyping of the SHEET MUSIC console for THE EDITORIAL

​                     // Prototype of Forbo Lino furniture presented at the AÏKI gallery

                     // Designer for THE EDITO, creating a console


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