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Banc galet Benjamin Rousse

Indoor/outdoor pebble bench 2 possible sizes.

A veritable island in the city, this concrete monolith invites passers-by to settle in and appropriate this element of street furniture. Its larch wood mast is equipped with LEDs and evokes the shape of a tree on which you can hang your clothes, a new way of interacting with the structure.


The pebble bench is a space of rest, an escape through sober shapes. In its opening, comes an object to be discovered and exchanged... The wooden pole, on the side, is ideal for hanging clothes, fixing a photovoltaic panel to collect light during the day and diffuse it at night and can finally be modulated into a signage branch for information purposes.


This bench invites people to exchange, to share books that we have appreciated, as well as to make people aware of energy saving.

I wanted to go a little further than the simple urban bench, by creating a space of reverie and poetry in the city.


The pebble bench will findits place as much among individuals (living room, building hall, business, bathroom, etc.),than in the urban landscape.(street/square, golf course, rest area...)

For reasons of vandalism, the seat is made of Ductal concrete, and the light source is integrated directly into a metal mast.

Audience award for its Galet bench at LYON CITY DESIGNat the Grand Hotel Dieu in Lyon 2013.

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