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TOWER centerpieces

Roland Garros

The months of May and June are punctuated each year, byRoland Garros.

It's time for me to unveil one of my latest creations.

A great pride for me, this year, to have made the 70 centerpieces.


TOWER is made up of a porcelain base to accommodate the liquid, surmounted by a thin veil of checkered metal in white mesh. The advantage of this metal structure (beyond its aesthetic qualities) is that it allows you to hold flowers of different sizes to imagine complex floral compositions.


I tried to play on contrasts, 2 elements, one full, acting as a base and providing stability, the other being slender, light, and acting as a "guard".

We find this notion of duality in the choice of materials, the luxurious and noble ceramics dialogue with the industrial side of the mesh.

The TOWER centerpieces reflect the image of the event: elegant, minimalist, white.

To discover until June 9, 2019, at the le1928 restaurant in the Roland-Garros village.

Thanks to MADEMOISELLE EMMA PARIS, Anne, Emma, Agathe... for their sensitivity and trust.

The accuracy of simplicity, the elegance of flowers, a pair that is simply complementary.

Draw the outline of simplicity by @benjamin_rousse_design_studio.

Thanks also tothe workshop1280degrees for his professionalism.

 Photo credit: ©VANITATEM

Dimensions :  Diameter of 6 and height of 17 cm   

Large model: Diameter of 11 and height of 20 cm 

Materials : - White porcelain

                     - White metal structure

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