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Floor area

"Etag'Aire", the modular shelf with guts.


Shelves are often structures hung on the wall,  posed there, simply, static. I propose to interact with  the shelf, to give renewal to your interior.



Lay out your “Etag’Aire” as you see fit, it will reflect your vision  of the layout.


This is a notched structure (axis, single or double) on which modules of different sizes are fitted.

They allow us to arrange our

“Etag’Aire”, then composing the space in different identity fragments. A space for books, another to showcase a vase...


Minimalist, linear structure playing on the geometry of space.

Simple, and  functional, modular and easy to assemble (without nails or screws), “Etag’Aire”  will perfectly complement your  ripe.

Etag' Aire attaches against a wall with invisible fixings  or with a base and then becomes a room divider.

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