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The mirror has evolved a lot over time: first of all an object for seeing oneself, then it quickly evolved into an object of contemplation. We have a certain relationship with the mirror, it projects us, confronts us, shows us, stares at us. It reflects our intimacy. How to go from the 2D plane of the mirror to a 3D object-mirror plane? "The lampshade" is an object, a space of intimacy, an attractive form, in which we enter to project ourselves, to confront ourselves, to see ourselves.


The mirror can also be taken down to be placed on a piece of furniture as an object. Each side has a different dimension and angle, which allows us to position it as we see fit, to see each other correctly.


The light comes from within, the reflection of oneself.


Materials used: lacquer medium Mirror paper

Publisher: Granville Gallery

Mirror Lampshade


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