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For some people the relationship to the mirror has always been complicated. Through this "object" we are confronted with our own image, the reflection of ourselves.

I wanted to design a mirror that could speak to everyone, a mirror with which we could project ourselves, as if we were identifying a personality...


The PERCEPTION mirror makesreference to the famous Rorschach psychological test tasks


One person might find that this shape reminds them of two characters while another might find that it reminds them of the wings of an angel...


A mirror thatfits in different interiors by its shape, both abstract and figurative.

The shape of the PERCEPTION mirror depends on each person's vision and personality..


Tell me what you see, I'll tell you who you are!


Definition from Wikipedia: The Rorschach test or psychodiagnosis is a clinical tool for projective-type psychological assessment developed by the psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Hermann Rorschach in 1921. It consists of a series of symmetrical task boards which are offered freely interpretation of the assessee. Once analyzed in depth, the answers provided will be used to evaluate the traits and lines of force that organize the personality of the subject.


Size 75 x 50cm

Thickness (mm): 3
Material: Pmma - Acrylic Mirror (PLEXI)


Mirror edited by the brandMIRROR TREND


All rights reserved to Benjamin ROUSSE

Perception Mirror


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