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I wanted to think of a small vase that could enhance the flowers without taking up too much space on a table. Visually, I found it interesting to play on the contrasts of the materials so that it blends in as much as possible with the environment.


Round raw porcelain (biscuit) shape blends against a white tablecloth, while the mirror enamel sublimates the flowers. To be placed upright or flat, during a meal or on a bedside table, the user adapts it according to his desires.


This is a white porcelain flower spike vase with shimmering reflections of poetry and craftsmanship. A pure jewel that fits in the hand!

The anthracite gray MOIRE vase with its unglazed surface, in addition to being a vase, can become a support for communication and feelings. Receive a good morning note, nothing like a good start to the day


A big thank you to the ceramist Cécile Charroy for having taken up this great challenge with me.


Model:  Matt anthracite gray

Price: 73 euros (+ 8.50 euros delivery for France).


Material: White porcelain.

Dimensions: Ø: 9 cm

                            D: 5 cm

Manufacture Made in France.

Moire vase Matt anthracite gray


    Important : Take  knowledge of the conditions of sale and delivery. here

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