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Vase SERTI, much more than a vase.... A floral adornment.

He invites us to come and slip flowers, like a jeweler would come  set its most beautiful precious stones.
A minimalist, colorful and light elegance that will dazzle your interiors/guests.

I tried to play on contrasts, 2 elements; one full, acting as a base and providing stability, the other being slender, light, and acting as a “guardian”.

The look of the SERTI vase depends on the flowers you put inside.
It "disappears" to highlight the simplicity of the flowers. It allows you to hold flowers of different sizes to imagine complex floral compositions.

Vase and flowers are complementary and change with the seasons ... trends and your desires.


Materials : Glass and metal structure
Dimensions : 19 x 45cm

Design: Benjamin Rousse design

Photo credits: ©Benjamin Rousse


SET Vase


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