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Bar stools - Green curves -  

         When material becomes comfort

Tabouret courbes vertes 3 Benjamin Rousse et Marron Rouge.jpg
Tabouret courbes vertes Benjamin Rousse et Marron Rouge.jpg
Tabouret courbes vertes 4 Benjamin Rousse et Marron Rouge.jpg

Edition: Red Brown



 The idea for the project was born from the discovery of synthetic turf by Jean-Marc ATTIA, creator of the brandBROWN RED, which began by offering the “Grass” collection, consisting of 3 stools with a seat in recycled synthetic grass.



This grass is recovered from sports fields. Jean-Marc wanted to open his space of creativity to other designers and he naturally called on me by giving me carte blanche to think about furniture using this material. This is how the stools and bench "The green curves" were born.



 The reflection was to highlight this material which is too often considered today as a poor material and of itdivert to make "something" aesthetic and comfortable. The irregularity of this material that is synthetic turf associated with a more contemporary shape makes this object something unique, aesthetic and comfortable. The result is acontrast between a wooden structure  geometric shape and a curved seat that invites comfort.



When material becomes comfort: Coming to sit on the grasscomes to flatten it, thus creating a comfortable cushion.



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