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Urn/container   Instant-T


time witness object

It is a plaster container / urn that disintegrates over time in contact with bad weather, rain, seasons….

The more time passes, the more the urn disintegrates , crumbles, until delivering, spreading on the ground the ashes of the deceased.


The urn is made of plaster (or seaweed…) in which the ashes are confined.

In its center is placed a wooden axis (stick) allowing to close the whole and to fix the urn in the ground.

At this stage the urn is disintegrated, the ashes have spread on the ground.

We see the bare wooden stick, a witness for people to realize that it is time to mourn.

Stick that can be left in the ground likea memory stick or assemble it with other sticks (defunct) to create agenealogical branch.


3 stages:


- Sadness: loss of the deceased, delivery of the urn.           

- End of mourning: The urn is disaggregated allowing people to become aware of the end of mourning.

- Souvenir: Collect the bare wooden stick, to create a family tree or not. 

We can pass it on to the next generation like an athlete passing the baton in a relay race.


The ballot box can also belaunch for a deceased sailor.

People who appreciate the deceased often come to the beach to look at the horizon, the memories...

Until the day where they will discover on the beach, the wooden stick as a souvenir of mourning, brought back by the waves.


They bring this stick shaped by time home, in memory of the past.

The urn can also be put in a garden of remembrance, columbarium


Each family isfree to scatter the ashes or leave them inside the container, urn...

If the family self-scatters the ashes, then Instan-T takes the notion even furtherof an object witnessing the passage of time in the face of mourning


Color code, indicating generation or parentage

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