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GRID collection

A RIGHT plays with volumes, solids and voids, oscillates between function and poetry.An architectural approach that focuses on duality.

The Grid vase collection consists of 3 vases or flower arrangement holders.


A Right, Tower and Cut are based on the same structural principle, a ceramic base to accommodate the liquid, surmounted by a thin veil of gridded metal mesh.

The interest of this metal structure (beyond its aesthetic qualities) is that it allows to maintain flowers of different sizes to imagine complex floral compositions.

The designer has sought to play on contrasts here,
2 elements one full, acting as

base and providing stability, the other being slender, light, and acting as a "guardian".

We find this notion of duality in the choice of materials, the luxurious and noble ceramics dialogue with the industrial side of the mesh.

By Valentin Pauly, editor-in-chief The design review.

Dimensions: L. 27 x H. 28 x D. 20 cm

Materials:  Ceramic, mesh (treated) or lacquered brass, copper.

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